Web development

The use of Internet and Intranet technologies for industrial equipment and technical systems is gaining more and more importance. We consistently use this technique for communication and user guide. Therefore, beside using Java and .NET ASP we successfully integrate modern web languages and frameworks (HTML, JavaScript, Angular). We integrate your system with standard web server or integrate web services into your server firmware and thus extend your application with the possibilities of the Internet. We write the appropriate Internet applications.

Our industry graphic designer creates attractive surfaces and animations. We advise you in the selection of the optimal software and development environment (scripting languages, Java, .NET, SOAP, ASP.NET, XML, databases, etc.).

Example: Mobile Geo Mapping

Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle. Under the authority of Trimble Consyd was involved in the development of a such a system. Beside the firmware server the mobile device optimized frontend was provided.

© Trimble Inc. - Mobile device optimized frontend to control the Trimble MX9 (Live Streaming of recorded images, main view, sensor settings)

Examples: Web Dashboard

Availability of important company information any time and everywhere becomes more important. Modern applications (dashboards) are applied to guarantee this availability. With up-to-date Web Technologies (ASP.net, Angular, HTML5, SignalR) data collection from different departments of the company are collected, evaluated and individually charted. In the following example Consyd developed a Dashboard for Acoem which is used to show states and measurement data and to manage machines.

Example: Angular (with TypeScript) - Machine overview
Example: Angular (with TypeScript) - freely configurable machine images with parameter analysis

A further example for a Dashboard for the company Prüftechnik. Furthermore a 3rd party ticket system is integrated.

Example: AngularJS - Monitoring, status calculation and evaluation of measurment data of a windpark including a administration panel
Example: AngularJS - Ticket system integration via WebAPI incl. edit and administration GUI and priority/status evaluation

Example: App Mobile Shims

For correct alignment of machines you can use so called shims. With this App for iOS and Android users can calculate and directly order their requirements. Tis development is based on an Angular SPA which was compiled to a native app with Cordova Framework.

Mobile Shims App. Acoem Group

Example: Time Tracker

Our time tracking software PPT offers a simple interface which is optimized for mobile devices. On server side NodeJs and Angular 2 for the frontend were used. Additionally, native Apps for Android, iOS and Windows can be created by the Cordova Framework.

Time management overview, filtered by date
Quick capture (simple start/stop mode) of project times (mobile view)

Example: Task Management and Condition Monitoring of distributed plants in Intranet

Example: ASP.NET - statistical data analysis of a distributed manufacturing (via OPC Server).