Consyd Software re-engineering

Consyd Firmware Reverse Engineering

  • Do you have to manage orphaned projects?
  • Do one of your projects need a functional expansion?
  • Is the documentation incomplete or does not exist?
  • Shall one of your projects be connected to the internet (e.g. dashboard), a MES interface, Secs/Gem etc.?
  • Does your project not correspond to modern requirements?
  • Your maintenance costs increase every year?
  • You are searching for a software development partnership?

Then Consyd re-engineering respectively reverse engineering could be the solution.

We replace existing firmware or components.

We develop new replacement software or complete existing one if possible.

For that we offer the full stack package:

  • Analysis of the project on feasibility
  • Consulting, proposal, conception
  • Individual software development and project management
  • Tests (continuous system test, performance tests and analysis)
  • If necessary construction of hardware and firmware components
  • Long term maintenance of your applications
  • Documentation, reclamation of maintainability and of technical know-how
  • Training for your development and service team 

Our experienced employees analyze your system and propose best-matching solutions
We use a combination of newest and establish technologies.  
If necessary we can consult and rely on the expertise of our partners 

We work together with your development teams including modern Case Tools (i.a. Scrum based)

  • We are agile
  • We are transparent
  • We react to your change requests immediately.
  • We work test-driven.
  • We guarantee security for your data
  • We have a high standards of quality