About us...

We are Consyd. The Consyd GmbH & Co.KG is your smart partner for technical software.

We develop complex firmware solutions for different systems, additionally we provide appealing User interfaces. We port the OS of your choice and implement the according drivers. Our experience in Real-System-Applications, Image Processing, Automation, Web Technologies etc. allows to solve demanding tasks.
To reduce costs we are looking for standardized solutions and integrate them in our development.
By using modern case tools we can create specification books and general specifications for you. Thorough documentation and archiving of projects is very important to us.

Backup of your investments, Re-engineering

Long term experience from multiple re-engineering projects allows us to extend existing software or to port it on new environments.

Consyd Consulting

From the beginning of the design phase we can support you by the selection of appropriate software and system components. Our many years of working with a variety of hardware and software architectures, allowing us to demonstrate appropriate solutions and weigh the pros and cons for your use. If wanted, we can train your stuff in individual courses.