Realtime and embedded systems

Wir bring life into your systems. Already in the design of your systems we can help you with the selection of suitable Systems and Tools. Our many years of experience with various hardware and software architectures allows us to show various software solutions and weigh the pros and cons for your use. We port the operating system of your choice on the target system. If necessary, we also develop for your system required driver. Both with desktop operating systems as well as with key embedded variants (eg VxWorks, INtime, Windows CE, XP Embedded), we successfully realize projects for years.

Example: Airborne Geotracking System

Example: Aircraft-based laser radar system with RGB / NIR sensing and GPS / IMU navigation system. Developed for the detection of 3D topology data. The processor core is based on working in parallel cPCI CPU`s under VxWorks.

Aircraft supported Laser Radar System with RGB/NIR recording and GPS / IMU navigation system. Developed for the recording of 3D Topology Data. The core is based on parallel working cPCI CPUs running with VxWorks.

Realization of complex systems

Our many years of experience in many areas of technology, especially in the area of real-time applications, allows us to solve complex tasks. Particularly important here is the symbiosis of different technologies. Starting with the hardware design, the selection of appropriate components to create complex algorithms and Solving demanding real-time tasks to the HMI you get everything from one source. We provide our depth expertise available as well as our many years of experience in the implementation of embedded systems. Together with our competent partners we can offer the development and production of hardware modules completely.

  • Consulting, analysis, design of your system
  • Operating system port to your hardware (OSP)
  • Creation of drivers (device drivers, grafic drivers, fieldbus driver, network driver)
  • Network programming, communication: TCP/IP, RPC, Soup, (embedded) web server
  • Application for measuring- and control technique
  • Operatingsystems: VxWorks, Windows, WinCE, Embedded NT, OnTime RTOS, (RT-)Linux
  • Specific application software
  • Support and maintanance
  • Training (In-house)

and many other things …

Example: Micro-Controller Measurement System with Evaluation Software

Visualization of a microcontroller based sensor via modbus interface (MC Firmware created with PIC24F32KA304)