Typical Projects

Web Applications

  • Web-based dashboards for data-evaluation of technical systems
  • Server client application for data-integration from various databases to browser app
  • Server client application for integration of various measurement-modules to mobile user-guidance
  • Internet-based visualization systems for micro-controller
  • Integration of a web server in micro-controller application
  • Dashboard application for various measurement devices in Windows with appropriate database connection, various diagrams, FFT, visualizations, Communications

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile App for measurement and ordering of machine shims
  • Dashboard for Geo Data Tracking

Firmware and Applications

  • Implementation of the firmware for an intelligent pressure sensor
  • Real-time application based on multiprocessor system for Laser, RGB/NIR and GPS readings
  • Software for use of laser radar (LIDAR) and CCD row measurement system
  • Formulation and process flow editors using .NET and XML for embedded measurement systems

Image Processing

  • Driver development for GigE cameras in C++ for an international major customer
  • Control of a X-ray-source, camera-system and movement-technique to an automated measurement instrument
  • Implementation of image processing for measurement and analysis of various characteristics of samples
  • Real-time firmware and graphic HMI for Laser scanner and Laser labeling systems


  • Integration of a SECS GEM interface for server side controlled micro-cluster system for semi-conductor industry
  • Automation of heavy-duty robots in distributed application
  • Automation of visual inspection system for silicon wafers
  • Control system for the system family of semiconductor industry over several generations, using .NET
  • Automation of robotic handling systems with integration of image processing for fine positioning
  • Automatisierung Fanuc Roboter Pick and Place Anlage in .NET
  • Cooperative robot management, example app with OMROM


  • Conversion of a pick and place system for electronical parts to a laboratory application in .Net
  • Maintenance and extension for Condition Monitoring package in C/C++
  • Maintenance and extension for a guidance system for circuit boards production line, especially printer in C/C++
  • Replacement and modernization of an air-conditioned, automated storage system in QT
  • Modernization of a test bench system for electrical motors in .Net and Beckhoff EtherCAT
  • Administration and visualization of statistical data for an asset park - web based with .Net and Angular
  • Replacement and modernization of a real-time measurement system from VXworks to INTime
  • Replacement and modernization for a automated semid-conductor systems in .net and Beckhoff EtherCAT

Target Systems

  • Windows CE und Windows Embedded, Windows 10/11, Windows Server
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT, for extension of Windows for automotiv tasks (field bus, real-time, system integrations with hard/soft PLC etc.)
  • Web apps, mainly with TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Electron etc.
  • Server Client Systems, distributed architectures
  • VxWorks, porting of operating system, also driver for embedded systems
  • INTime, real-time extension in Windows
  • several micro-controller

and many other things …